Our terms of servers

Our services include both Amazon Cloud Optimisation for Magento and basic Magento support.  We can help you with what you bought, not with what you've done on it. We don’t provide hosting services or hosting environment.

The informations of your store database access are stored within our helpdesk system. We recommend to change it after the issue is resolved. It will not be stored in any other way. We do store access to your server within active subscription for our support services.

What is included

  • FTP and SSH server performance and uptime
  • Network performance and uptime
  • Critical security updates
  • SSL certificates installation
  • Data backups configuration
  • Support is provided within business hours (local time GMT+1)

Our support doesn't include

  • Any client, script, application or content installed by the customer, except Magento
  • Customer customizations
  • Internet training
  • SEO consulting
  • Any third party services
  • Email client configuration
  • FTP client configuration
  • Content management
  • Data backups management
  • Domain registrations
  • Cross browser compatibility issues


We only offer monthly invoices. If you have not paid your subscription within a month after the required payment date, your support subscription will be cancelled . Support paid per hour will still be possible or you will ahve to resubscribe again.


If you are not satisfied with our services, you can get refund within 14 days after placing your order.

We do not issue refund on any custom work that was done either for administration or Magento optimisation.

We don’t allow the transfer of account ownership.

Agreement accommodation

Payment for our services Mage2Cloud means acceptance of general conditions.

Duration of contract

The hosting contract is concluded for a period of 1 month. It ends when the customer intends to end it. A non-renewed hosting due to a lack of payment shall be treated as a cancellation.

Domain Name

Our company isn’t responsible for buying or managing your domains. Both the prolongation and the management of your(s) domain(s) are under your responsibility.

Amazon AWS hosting resource

Unlike conventional hostings, Mage2Cloud doesn’t own or control your hosting space. Entire hosting resources including AWS instances, S3 storage and Elastic IP address are provided by Amazon and are owned by your account at Amazon AWS.

Payment of invoices

Our services are provided on a monthly basis. All payments are automatically made and controlled by Paypal. We strongly advise you not to wait the last day because your account will automatically be suspended and you will not be able to claim any compensation of any kind.

Prohibited activities

It is contrary to the line of Mage2Cloud that the user performs hosting or participates directly or indirectly to one of the following activities, through


● Sending bulk emails to people who didn’t ask for it ("Junk mail" or "Spamming "). Sending email solicited by the recipients is strictly prohibited. A complaint about spamming from a user will result in the cancellation of the hosting agreement ;

● Not respecting copyright ;

● Undertaking any other activity that violates the law and threatens the integrity of a computerized  system or violates the generally accepted rules of behavior on the Internet.

● Entering or attempting to enter unauthorized computer system.

Price changes and Conditions

Any change or update to the terms and conditions can be consulted on Mage2Cloud Website at any time. Customer agrees to consult it in order to be informed  about any change. These changes or updates are effective for all users as soon as they are on the site Mage2Cloud. These can be changed without notice.


The customer agrees to maintain a valid postal address  anytime and an updated email address. Email addresses must be hosted out of Mage2Cloud, on Gmail, Bluewin , Hotmail etc. In case of a change of the email address. Customer agrees to communicate that ticket can open on the support page on the website Mage2Cloud within 10 days .

PO boxes must always be accompanied by the actual address (street and number) of the company or individual that signed the contract.

Mage2Cloud sends all important communications exclusively through its emails.

Mage2Cloud is committed to provide the best possible customer service, but Mage2Cloud can’t be held responsible for any technical problems beyond its control, such as cutting, line overload or hardware failure.

The customer is responsible for the security of its hosting. The creation of simple passwords and the use of packages such as Joomla, OsCommerce and WordPress, have a high risk of piracy, or manual intrusion. The customer is responsible for using the latest security and for being coached by professionals if he does not have himself the skills for implementing the security of his website.

Mage2Cloud doesn’t provide hosting resources and disk space. Hosting resources are provided by Amazon and Mage2Cloud isn’t responsible for its integrity and uptime. Mage2Cloud isn’t responsible, except if a contract has been clearly and distinctly established between it and the client, for the creation, the modification , the promotion of the client website. The Backups, the security or a data loss on the customer's website.

Mage2Cloud keeps the right to refuse providing services for pages considered as unethical in general, or unethical for Mage2Cloud, without justification. For example, projects related to pedophilia, pirated programs, racist or illegal activities.


Mage2Cloud doesn’t store your backup. All Amazon AWS instances are provided by automatic backup scripts based on a third part solution and Amazon AWS default tools. The customer is still responsible for his own backups in case of bugs, hacking or mishandling. If for any reason, intervention, bugs or hacking, data are lost and the customer has not made a backup with the tools provided on the servers, or with other tools, Mage2Cloud can not be held responsible.

If a data loss is the result a general problem of the server, such as a crash, Mage2Cloud is committed to reinstall the previous image in the shortest possible time.

Option for a full incremental backup account and domain names all installed day for 14 days. This option can be controlled by the client via the secured shell access.

Jurisdiction and Applicable Law

Any dispute related to this contract (conclusion, execution or termination) is subject to the Swiss law, the exclusive place of jurisdiction being subject to Geneva to appeal to the Tribunal Federal .