Pricing & Purchase


  • Standard configuration is suitable both for small and medium sized stores.
    Special offer for January 2016!
  • Configuration price $189$249
    Monthly support$49
  • Monthly Amazon AWS price: Custom*
  • Test Environment
  • Page Cache
  • Amazon CDN
  • Incremental backups
  • And more...

*Please notice Mage2Cloud doesn't provide Amazon AWS resources and our price doesn't cover usage of Amazon AWS. In order to find out monthly cost please check official Amazon EC2 pricing page.

Still have a question?

How does the migration process to Amazon AWS work out?

After the configuration of the instance and your store by our developers, you simply have to switch the DNS record to Amazon Elastic IP.

Can you tell me what is included in your standard support?

Our support covers server configuration and performance optimization. We are also responsible for Magento errors that are caused by the server configuration.

What Magento version requirement you have for hosting on Amazon AWS?

Our settings require Magento Community 1.5+ and Magento Enterprise 1.11+. Right now we are not planning to include compatibility for older Magento versions.

How many stores i can host on same instance?

You can host as many stores as you need but we can’t guarantee that you will have same performance as on single store installation. From security point of view we recommend hosting one Magento installation per one instance.

Can I cancel the monthly support?

Yes you can. But please notice that you will not be eligible for support and updates.

Can I get support even if I cancelled my monthly support?

Yes you can get support if your subscription was cancelled. Our hourly rate is 80$.